The CRISPR Cas9 nuclease, in combination with single guide RNAs (sgRNAs), is widely used to create targeted genomic modifications within cells. Stable Cas9 integration into cells ensures robust and consistent expression of the CRISPR Cas9 nuclease.

This CRISPR Cas9 stable cell lines make the genomic editing easier than ever. You simply deliver the target specific gRNA into the CRISPR Cas9 stable cell line and select the knock-out or knock-in cells for your desired target. No need to do cas9 containing CRISPR cloning, and no worry about the hard-to-delivered Cas9 protein. You only need to generate the much easier in cloning, and much smaller in size of the target-sgRNA constructs.

EdiGene's stable cell lines constitutively expressing the CRISPR Cas9 nuclease enable you to carry out CRISPR genome editing applications with high efficiency. The Cas9 stable cell lines are available pre-made in many human cell lines.


· Stable Cas9 integration minimizes the need for co-transfection or co-transduction of sgRNAs, ideal for high-throughput sgRNA applications.

· Single clone isolation provides consistent, high-level Cas9 expression in a uniform genetic background.

· Compatible with EdiGene’s validated sgRNA, sgRNA libraries, and donor clones to speed up your experiment


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