Knockout (KO) Cell Line

What is KO cell line?

Gene knockout is the most powerful tool for determining gene function or permanently modifying the phenotypic characteristics of a cell. Using effective genome editing technologies to knockout any gene in cells you interested. Genome technology is used to ablate the target protein’s expression in appropriate cell models, and this cell models can be used for life science research.


EdiGene’s KO cell line database contains over 1500 cell lines ready for shipping, and the list is continuously expanding.


How was the KO cell lines developed?


EdiGene is a CRISPR innovator who produces double-knockout genotype in a high-throughput manner. Unlike HAP1 cell line from Horizon, EdiGene‘s KO cell lines are from the commonly used cell lines, such as HEK293T or HeLa, making the product more relevant for researchers.


What are the applications of the KO cell line?

The gene knockout cell line model can be used as a tool for gene functional assay, serve as negative controls for western blots to validate the specificity of antibodies, and screening for drug target, and so on. We are expecting more novel applications. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas on how to use this material.


Advantages of EdiGene's knockout cell lines:

  • 100% guarantee of gene knockout and complete loss of gene function

  • Over 2000 clonal cell lines available for immediate hypothesis testing

  • Optional validated single guide RNAs available to extend your results to other cell lines


You can search for the gene name in the search bar to find the gene knockout cell line you interested, Your order could be delivered immediately.

or you can search for Knockout Cell line by research area:







           LUNG CANCER


Alternatively, if you can't find your cell line of interest, see our custom cell lines service.


KO Cell Line

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CL0044428601 G6PC3 Knockout 293T Cell Line [0044428601]
1×106 cells/vial
CL0043817504 PPIH Knockout 293T Cell Line [0043817504]
1×106 cells/vial