BEIJING, June 28, 2017. EdiGene Inc. announced today that BioLegend, a world renowned manufacturer of biomedical research reagents, is teaming up with EdiGene, a genome editing company, to validate its Cell Biology portfolio antibodies using EdiGene鈥檚 extensive repository of 100% knockout (KO) cell lines. BioLegend takes antibody validation very seriously and guarantees antibody specificity of over 15,000+ antibody products.

BioLegend鈥檚 Cell Biology portfolio consists of 600+ antibodies that are targeted to different cell function and structure proteins ( The advantage of using EdiGene鈥檚 KO cell lysates will be the accessibility of data for commonly used laboratory cell lines such as HeLa, HEK293T, and Jurkat, for these proteins.

EdiGene鈥檚 KO cell lines have been developed through the use of genome editing technologies and validated at the genomic level through PCR and Sanger sequencing techniques to ensure the accuracy and 100% knockout of target genes. The goal is to provide academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies ready-made genome wide human KO cell lines for their research and development in antibody validation, gene function analysis, biomarker discovery and validation, drug target identification and validation, compound mechanism of action, etc.

With a multi-year collaboration with EdiGene, BioLegend is committed to provide reliable, reproducible, and validated reagents to improve the transparency and accuracy of data generation that will enable scientists to successfully advance their research.

About EdiGene:
EdiGene Inc. is a genome editing company dedicated to provide best products and services to academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. EdiGene has developed over 1,200 human knockout (KO) cell lines and the repository is expanding rapidly towards the goal of whole genome KO cell lines. We are working with leading antibody companies to establish a new industrial standard as KO validated antibodies. EdiGene also provides custom genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9 based high-throughput genetic screening services for biomarker discovery and validation, drug target identification and validation, compound mechanism of action, patient stratification, etc. For more information, visit

About BioLegend:
BioLegend develops and manufactures highly recognized, world-class antibodies and reagents at an outstanding value to customers for biomedical research. Our broad product portfolio includes flow cytometry, cell biology, and biofunctional molecules for research in immunology, neuroscience, cancer, cell biology, stem cells, and more. Our aggressive product development program, accomplished through technology licensing, collaborations, and internal research and development, has produced a product offering of over 17,000 products, which have been collectively cited in over 25,000 peer-reviewed journals. BioLegend also offers a wide range of custom services including assay development, sample testing, and conjugation. BioLegend's reagents are supported by superior customer service and a quality management system dedicated to continuous improvement that is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.