Antibodies are essential tools for both basic and clinical research. However, there has been growing distrust of commercially available antibodies with regard to specificity and performance variability. As a result, the research community and funding agencies have demanded that antibody suppliers increase their efforts to more thoroughly validate these reagents. One approach to address this is through knockout of the target protein by CRISPR technologies.


At the end of the 2016, EdiGene Inc. and GeneTex Inc. signed the cooperation agreement. The agreement indicated that GeneTex Inc. will work with the genome editing company EdiGene to validate its antibodies through the integration of EdiGene's innovative CRISPR-based technology that produces gene-specific knockout (KO) cell lines. Through this cooperation, each of two companies hope to promote the standardization in antibody industry. Meanwhile, GeneTex’s choice of EdiGene’s cell lines to support the development and quality control for their antibody catalog further validates the value that our cell lines can provide in a variety of applications, and this agreement represents the first step in building a long term relationship with a world leader in the research antibody field.

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GeneTex was founded in 1997 by three internationally renowned scientists and is dedicated to the development of new research-related antibodies for basic medicine. So far, GeneTex’s antibodies cover areas ranging from neurology, hematology, immunology, metabolic mechanisms, cellular and molecular transmission, stem cell research, aging, genetics, molecular cancer, infectious disease diagnosis and research, and even zebrafish Model animal antibodies, etc., and provide a complete customization of antibody preparation services.

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EdiGene Inc. specializes in the development and optimization of genome editing technology, the use of the technology to produce human genome-wide knockout cell lines and the application of the technology in disease gene therapy to help precision medical treatment.