CRISPR–based genome editing is revolutionizing biomedical research, drug discovery, and precision medicines. To speed up your research and discovery, we focus on developing and providing CRSPR-Cas9 technology-based cell engineering products and services. We are producing and validating the world largest collection of CRSPR-Cas9 ready-made knockout cell lines and their derivatives on most common human cancer cell lines including HeLa, 293T, HCT116, HepG2, A549 etc. We also provide validated sgRNAs, Cas9 stably expressing cell lines, pooled whole genome and focus CRISPR libraries.

EdiGene provides reagents to support a broad range of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing applications. Click on any genome editing related product below and learn more about how we can help you.

KO Cell Lines and Derivatives

Using effective CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technologies to knockout any gene you interested, and these knockout cell line and derivative can be the powerful tools for application such as pathway analysis or gene regulation assays.

                       cell lines

KO Cell Line

EdiGene’s ready-made knockout cell line database contains over 1200 cell lines ready for shipping. Started to simplify your experiment by selecting a ready -made KO cell line!

cell lysates

KO Cell Lysate

In Western Blotting, a negative control lysate serves to determine if the primary antibody can recognize the right target antigen or not. EdiGene provides a wide variety of ready-made gene knockout cell lysates for antibody KO validation to confirm the antibody’s specificity.


Genome Editing Tools

The CRISPR/Cas9 system, consisting of a guide RNA (gRNA) and a Cas9 nuclease, allows researchers to create a RNA-guided site-specific DNA cleavage. EdiGene offer the high efficiency CRISPR tools include Cas9 expressing stable cell line, validated sgRNA which have already produce gene knockout cell line successfully.

Using these tools make your CRISPR genome editing experiment fluent!

· Validated sgRNA

single guide RNA (sgRNA) program Cas9 nucleases to cut at a specific genomic location. The design of an effective, functional guide RNA is critical to achieving specific gene knockout, Validated guide RNAs available from EdiGene are the guides that have been used to generate our Knockout Cell Lines. If your cell type contains the target sequence, you can use it directly.

· Cas9 stable cell line

EdiGene's stable cell lines constitutively expressing the CRISPR Cas9 nuclease enable you to carry out CRISPR genome editing applications with high efficiency. The Cas9 stable cell lines are available pre-made in many human cell lines.


crispr cas9


CRISPR sgRNA library

EdiGene has developed proprietary CRISPR sgRNAs, pgRNAs as well as whole genome and focused knockout lentiviral libraries in human cells. EdiGene offers CRISPR sgRNA libraries for high-throughput knockout of human genes in specific or custom gene groups or pathways. Loss-of-function screening by gene knockout is a powerful tool for systematic genetic analysis in mammalian cells, facilitating gene discovery, genome-scale functional interrogation (e.g. signal transduction pathways) and drug discovery (e.g. target identification and drug mechanism studies).

Pooled CRISPR single guide RNA libraries (sgRNA libraries), are ideal for high-throughput screening of important molecular targets. These libraries leverage the efficiency and specificity of the CRISPR gene editing technology to either knock-out gene expression or transcriptionally activate genes in the genome.


·sgRNA library

EdiGene’s whole genome sgRNA library targets about 20,000 genes, each gene has 8-10 sgRNAs. And also libraries based on annotated function, localization, etc..

·LncRNA library

non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) have been linked to cancer phenotypes but the mechanism is still unclear. Based on its proprietary paired gRNA (pgRNA) library design strategy, EdiGene has constructed pgRNA library targeting about 700 lncRNAs4, which will enable researchers to identify molecular functions of IncRNAs in cancer.




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