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A gene knockout (KO) cell line is a powerful research tool that allows researchers to identify and validate a gene’s function through loss-of-function phenotypes. There are many techniques that can generate a gene knockout cell line, but the CRISPR/Cas9 technology has emerged as the method of choice for research labs. However, it still can take weeks to months to design, develop, and validate a knockout cell line in a typical research lab - even utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. 
EdiGene has developed an innovative and highly efficient CRISPR/Cas9 approach to design, develop and validate gene knockout in most commonly used human cells such as HeLa, HEK293T, HCT116, HepG2, A549, etc. To speed up your research and save your precious research money, EdiGene develops, validates and provides affordable genome-wide individual gene knockout cell lines (Edi-G KO Cell Lines).


  • 100% knockout and complete loss of gene function

  • Over 2,000 clonal knockout cell lines in stock for immediate delivery

  • Parental control provided for loss-of-function comparison 

  • Isogenic knockout cell lines for disease related gene function and pathway analysis

  • Some Edi-G KO Cell Lines validated at protein level by Western Blot

  • Validated sgRNAs available for your own knockout generation

Find your knockout cell line(s) by using the Edi-G KO Cell Line search tool below, or browse our Edi-G knockout cell lines for your signaling pathway and cancer related gene function studies.

Not finding the KO cell line of your interest, please contact us at or visit our Cell Engineering Services webpage.

Edi-G KO Cell Lines

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SKU Product Size
CL0049939406A ADAR KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0037374706A ADARB1 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0017329803A ADCK4 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0031060103A ADCY7 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0035009011A ADH5 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0046653016A ADIPOR1 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0048089821A ADIPOR2 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0035972427A ADK KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0017985002A ADM KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial
CL0044480512A ADRBK1 KO Cell Line
1×106 cells/vial