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Drug Target HTS
High-throughput screening based on CRISPR technology. The platform can carry out pharmaceutical research, such as drug research, Drug target screening, synthetic lethal screening, drug resistance gene screening, drug sensitive gene screening and gene function analysis.
Our service includes:
1. Coding gene screening
2. Paired gRNA LncRNA screening
3. Single sgRNA LncRNA screening

EdiGo Bioinformatics for pharmaceuticals
EdiGo Bioinformatics platform is EdiGene‘s proprietary data support platform for high-throughput screening based on CRISPR technology. The platform consists of two main modules, sgRNA design module and High-throughput screening data analysis module. EdiGo Bioinformatics platform enables the establishment of the efficient sgRNA design rules for genome editing and accurate identification of the target site for drugs.
Our service includes:
1. Development and Design sgRNAs with high efficiency and specificity for genome editing.
2. Analyze the high-throughput screening data with low false positive or false negative targets to support the development of gene therapies and drugs with more reliable biological big data.

CRISTMAS Pharmaceutical research services
Parseqmus Pharmaceutical research services

Precise identification of functional elements for a potential lead compound/drug target is pretty important for achieving a lead compound/drug mechanistic understanding and the personalized, precision medicine. CRISPR-empowered Tiling Mutagenesis combined with Assorted-DNA-fragment Sequencing (CRISTMAS) provides a streamlined workflow and bioinformatics analytics for identifying critical elements of proteins in their native biological contexts at the single amino acid level.
Our service includes:
1. Research and Explore the truly functional amino acids for a potential lead compound/drug target.
2. Research and Explore the specifically functional region for a potential lead compound/drug target.

iBAR technology for Pharmaceutical research
Target-identification and mechanism-of-action studies have important roles in drug discovery. The iBAR screens outperforms the conventional method by producing screening results with much lower false-positive and false-negative rates especially with a high multiplicity of infection (MOI). Importantly, the iBAR approach reduces the starting cells at high MOI significantly with greatly improved efficiency and accuracy compared with the canonical CRISPR screens at a low MOI.
Our service includes:
Explore the functional targets for a potential lead compound/drug target with reduced workload.

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