Validated sgRNA

CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing is a powerful technique that allows you to create knock-in, knockout, and mutation of any gene, in any cell, in a highly-targeted manner and without introducing foreign DNA. It is only need a single guide RNA (sgRNA). Compared to previous methods of genome editing, such as TALENs and ZFN, CRISPR is much simpler and more efficiency.

single guide RNA (sgRNA) program Cas9 nucleases to cut at a specific genomic location. The design of an effective, functional guide RNA is critical to achieving specific gene knockout. Experimentally validated sgRNAs available from EdiGene are the guides that have been used to generate our Gene Knockout Cell Lines in HeLa or 293T cells successfully. If your cell type contains the target sequence, you can use these sgRNA directly to confidential your experiment.

sgRNA expression clones and lentiviral particles are available for targeting virtually any gene in any experimental system. sgRNA clones express either sgRNA only. Our validated sgRNA are all functionally validated in HeLa or 293T cell.

sgRNA effective

EdiGene  Validated sgRNA enhance your experiment effeciency!


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Validated sgRNA

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SG00471128A PARP1 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00481695A SETD2 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00181845A BMP2 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00193938A YBX1 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00177508A DKK1 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00143097A TACC2 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00183788A LAMB3 Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00162881A PHGDH Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00128851A PAM Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00
SG00173333A CLU Validated CRISPR guideRNA $197.00