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KO Cell Lines and Derivatives: EdiGene develops and optimizes genome editing technology to produce stable genome edited mammalian cell lines serving a wide-range of R&D activities in areas of basic research, diagnostic and therapeutic development.EdiGene is in the process of establishing a whole human genome knockout cell library. Such a library enables the possibility of a new Quality Control standard “EdiGene KO Validated” for high quality antibodies, which could revolutionize the antibody industry.

CRISPR Services:EdiGene provides researchers with precision engineered cell lines along with customizable deliverables and dedicated project management for every project. EdiGene’s CRISPR service to edit cell lines encompasses footprint-free engineering of mammalian cell lines including induced cancer cell lines, hard-to-transfect cell lines, and other cells. With our very efficient CRISPR genome editing platform we have developed suites of isogenic cell lines for generating reliable and accurate molecular reference standards for a variety of genetic mutations, for enabling better molecular diagnostics and personalized patient care.

High Throughput Genetic Screening: EdiGene integrates genome editing technology and high throughput genetic screening technology to accelerate new drug target discovery and clarify the mode of action of drug candidates, improving the development of novel therapeutic strategies and drugs for precision medicine. We own a series of libraries and sub-libraries, and can generate new library in very short time for high throughput genetic to accelerate drug discovery and clinical trials.